How it works?

Make an appointment

Our priority is always your goals, that's why the first meeting starts with an initial consultation, during which you tell us the reason why you decided to visit us and your expectations.

Setting up cooperation

We will propose a way to achieve your goals together, while always taking into account your situation (health, working and social conditions, your health, relationship to movement or sports history, stress level or general lifestyle and many other factors). At the first meeting, we always appreciate it if you bring your medical documentation, or if you provide us with other information that could help improve the quality of our diagnostic process.


Diagnosing musculoskeletal system

A thorough interview is followed by a diagnosis of the musculoskeletal system, so it would be advisable for you to bring sports clothes. During this process, we monitor your breathing, posture, movement habits, pain during movement, and joint mobility (we actually monitor much more, but you will learn all that at our meeting).

Start of work

Once we have enough information, we will choose an appropriate solution to the problem. If you visited us because of pain, the diagnosis is followed by therapy - either manual or corrective exercises (or other forms). If the reason for your visit is to start exercising, we start with training.

Further progress

At the end of the initial meeting, we will agree on what to do next. It is important to realize that the physiotherapist/trainer will show you the way, but you have to walk yourself. Therefore, it is in our common interest to set up our cooperation so that you can do the exercises at home as well, so that our plan is effective. With your consent, we will film a selection of practiced exercises and send them via message (FB, IG, WA...) so that you can be sure that you will perform the exercises correctly.

It's up to you!

At the end, we will suggest how often you should continue exercising in order to improve your health, increase the flexibility of the musculoskeletal system or fitness skills and muscle strength.

Why to choose us?

High quality of offered services

In the same way as the obligation to work, we also perceive the obligation of continuous lifelong education. Therefore, we improve our therapeutic and training procedures based on practical experience and current evidence-based knowledge. Our active education and training make mutual cooperation dynamic and "up-to-date".

Interdisciplinary approach

We cooperate with several doctors of various specializations, which allows us to quickly consult your condition directly with the doctor. This cooperation also helps us to understand the broader context of your problem, which in practice means more accurate diagnosis and better targeted therapy.

Humanity and communication

Our basic credo is friendly communication with each client, while we always try to listen more than talk. With us, you can be sure that we will try to understand you as much as possible and use the shared information for the best possible result. Likewise, we want to spread the message of physiotherapy not only with words, but also with the good feeling that clients leave our exercise center with.

Attention to detail

In our center, in addition to a pleasant intimate atmosphere, we also offer good coffee and music on request. Likewise, we always appreciate constructive criticism, which helps us become even better.

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